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jessica newton United States

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About me

Howdy, my name is jessica freaking newton. my goal in life is to just be a good friend. I want to be the kind of person that people know they can come to when they have problems. I want people to be able to trust me. I also want to be the kind of person that makes you laugh, and just puts you in a good mood whenever you see me.


my life style is crazy. It is mostly my fault though, because i am such an over achiever. my day consist of me getting up, going to school, going to track practice, practice for band if i have time, do home work( man do i have a lot sometimes), and then I


i can pretty much get my jam on to any kind of music. I prefer songs that get you pumping and just make you want to boogie.

Movies and TV:

MY taste in movies is a lot like my taste in music. I like pretty much any type of movie. Ohh and this is really dorky, but i love to watch disney movies, like princess in the frog, and sleeping beauty.


I loooooove doing sports. I have played pretty much every sport at some point in my life. If i had to pick my favorite sport though, i would have to pick basketball. I have also learned a lot of lessons from doing sports, like how to take care of your bod


I am very artistic. I am actually thinking about majoring in art. I Mostly like to draw people. I am not so good at animals, and landscapes yet, but I will get there.I am also in the school band. I really enjoy it, but think i would enjoy it even more if


yep not much more to tell ,unless they are just odd things like my weird laugh and how i have a super large pinky. :)


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